LONG HAIR BRUSHES Made by DrLonghairs® Hairgasm® Best Quality 4411-O




Longhairs® Baby Kinder Brush is the favorite as it is Medium-Firm… and Large is Soft and Gentle for loosening tangles and removing dust and poilshing strands. Special materials, including Boar Bristle by special materials and design by Louise Marie Longhairs. No rubber no plastic end-breaking dipped-ballie-bits.

Yes it goes through our hwir because our products are residue-free… Glides fabulously through for our amazing  products users… Of course!!! Also try putting a puff our delicious luscious #11Magicspray on the brush to make brushing long hair a sensual moisturizing experience.

Add some #11 Magic Brushing Spray… heaven!!

Additional information

Kinder Brush

Carry-Around Kinder Brush, Gentle Large Beechwood Kinder


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